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  • Ottawa (and surrounding area)

#supportlocal Craft Beer in the Time of COVID - How to Buy From Local Craft Breweries and Cideries

In these strange times, it's important that we stick together by staying apart... so consider raising a perfect pint of local craft with a friend over FaceTime or Zoom or Houseparty or whatever app you're using to socialize! Our local breweries need us!

We've compiled a list of local (and some slightly further aflung) breweries and cideries that are offering local delivery as well as contactless curbside pickup. 

These fine establishments have had to make big adjustments to make sure their online stores are working well and to get new delivery and pickup systems in place, so remember to be patient. 

Support for our breweries helps support a mutually desirable outcome: that they all can keep making tasty brews for a long time to come! 

If you would like us to add your brewery or cidery to this list, please email: jacky@kcevents.ca

  • Anderson Craft Ales
  • London, ON

Anderson Craft Ales

We're a family owned and operated brewery proudly brewing out of London, Ontario. We pride ourselves on crafting small batch, handcrafted, premium beers without compromise that we know you'll love; from our family to yours.

  • Black Fly Beverages
  • London, On.

Black Fly Beverages

Black Fly Beverage Company, Ontario's first micro-distillery was founded in 2005 by husband & wife Rob Kelly and Cathy Siskind-Kelly after being awarded the first Distillery License granted in Ontario in over 100 years.

Covid-19 Update

  • Rescheduled
  • Ottawa

Ottawa Beer Fest 2020 - RESCHEDULED - More info to come soon! 

  • Sneaky Weasel
  • Vancouver, BC

Sneaky Weasel

This mildly-hopped craft lager delivers a bold 5.6% alc vol, but goes down crisp and clean. Pairs well with game day celebrations. Fun in the sun and good times with friends.

  • Cider Crate Bar
  • Ottawa, ON

Cider Crate Bar

Otawa Beer Fest and The Cider Crate host the Cider Bar to make sure there's something for everyone at the festival! Come try some delicious craft ciders at the Cider Bar.

  • CHEO
  • Ottawa Craft Beer Run & Festival


The Ottawa Craft Beer Run & Festival are supporting CHEO and helping Kids be Kids! Come out and join us

  • Shiny Apple Cider
  • Niagara On the Lake

Shiny Apple Cider

All of our wines and ciders are proudly crafted at our vineyard in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Shop our collections and do not hesitate to Mix-and-Match between our three Brands.

  • Kings Mill Cider
  • Hastings County, On.

Kings Mill Cider

Kings Mill Cider is a small family-run craft cider producer nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Stirling, Ontario. 

Our cidery is adjacent the Kings Mill Conservation Area on Squire creek. It's the perfect spot to explore nature, with a gorgeous landscape composed of wetlands, woodlands and farmlands, and the old grist mill called the Kings Mill. 

  • Pommies Cider
  • Caledon, On.

Pommies Cider

Pommies Cider, Made from 100% Ontario apples!

Pommies Cider is crafted from the juice of 100% Ontario apples at our cidery in Caledon, Ontario. Our offerings include our flagships Pommies Cider and  Pommies Farmhouse, along with rotating seasonals Perry, Cranberry and Red Sangria. Pommies Cider Co. is independent, family-owned and family-operated.

  • Les3Brasseurs
  • Ottawa, On.


Our story began over 100 years ago in Lille, France when three brewers joined forces to create a brewery that would grow to become one of the most important in the country. In 1985, the descendents of the original founders opened their first neighbourhood microbrewery – long before anyone had even heard of a “microbrewery” or “craft beer”.

  • Lonetree Cider
  • Kelowna, BC.

Lonetree Cider

We are a small, BC-owned company, making cider the old-fashioned way. We start with real BC apples from old growth orchards, deep in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Our authentic dry ciders are natural and real – from apples that are crushed and fermented, then filtered fresh clear and pure – much like a premium quality wine.



  • Flying Canoe
  • Ottawa

Flying Canoe Cider

Based on a story told by my French Canadian grandfather when I was a boy, the Flying Canoe is an interpretation of the French saying and story called  “Chasse-Galerie”. Flying Canoe Hard Cider is made in the region of Ottawa/Gatineau near where the legend is based, so we thought that we might share the mysteriousness of the tale. 

  • Double Trouble
  • Guelph, On.

Double Trouble

An independent company, run solely by two friends taking a chance on doing what they love. Claude and Nathan met at Trent University, ended working for the same small craft brewery together almost 15 years ago. From there both Nathan and Claude have worked in the craft brew industry. They’ve always joked and talked about having their own beer.

  • Social Lite Vodka
  • Whitby, On.

Social Lite Vodka

"IT ALL STARTED IN OUR KITCHEN."  The inspiration for SoCIAL LITE Vodka came to us while entertaining.  While we all enjoy a drink with friends, we also strive to make better choices.  From the very first cocktails crafted in our kitchen, our promise has never wavered: SoCIAL LITE Craft Cocktails are for everyone who loves a delicious drink without artificial ingredients, sugar or added calories.  

  • Hard Iced Tea
  • Vancouver, BC

Hey Y'All Hard Iced Tea

Hey Y'all introduces its 2nd new flavour of the summer,  At this pace, there will be 20 new flavours of Hey Y’all by Labour Day. The popular B.C.-based beverage company already introduced its new Raspberry Hard Iced Tea in March, and now there’s another new flavour to try. Hey Y’all Southern Mint Hard Iced Tea is on store shelves and waiting to be cracked open at a backyard barbecue this long weekend.

  • Georgian Bay Spirits
  • Georgian Bay Spirits

Georgian Bay Spirits

A Word from Us, Get some friends together, light a fire and share some stories. Our spirits and craft cocktails in a can are for those who like things simple and natural. A little bit of Georgian Bay in everything we do.



  • Angry Orchard
  • New York, US

Angry Orchard

OUR 60 ACRE ORCHARD IN WALDEN, NYIS NESTLED IN THE HEART OF THE HUDSON VALLEY.  The Hudson Valley also has a long cider making tradition. Before prohibition, cider apple orchards were common to find in the region. Cider has been made here for more than 200 years! Like many of the orchards in the area, our orchard has a long history. It has been a farm since the 1700s and the first apple trees were planted here around 100 years ago,,,,

  • Weatherhead
  • Perth, On.


LIFTING THE CRAFT ALONG - In the mid-1700s, after a close call with some pirates, Samuel Weatherhead wound up in Port Elmsley, Ontario where he established a depot controlling the trade on the Tay Canal from the Rideau River into Perth.

  • Wasaga Beach
  • Wasaga Beach, ON

Wasaga Beach

The rare Piping Plover returns to Wasaga Beach each spring and a million people follow – for the sun, the sand, and the scene. Male Plovers will strut up and down Beach One to attract mates; male humans have been known to do the same.

Up here, the Plover’s our bird and this is our beer.

  • Waterloo
  • Kitchener, On.


Waterloo Brewing came into being long before the craft beer hysteria that grips our culture today! We are, quite simply, the result of a thirst for terrific tasting beer, which we had in common with our friends and neighbours. Back then, we took to brewing small batches, by hand, from four simple ingredients. Today, we humbly lay claim to the honour of being not only Ontario’s first craft brewer but also its largest. 

  • Spearhead
  • Kingston, ON


Toronto – Spearhead Brewing Co. says that after five years as a contract brewer, launching its Hawaiian Style Pale Ale in Toronto in 2011, it has secured a facility in Kingston to build its own brewery.  Building has started at the 16,000 sq-ft location in west Kingston at 675 Development Dr.

“[We are] so excited to welcome Spearhead Brewing President & CEO Josh Hayter to Kingston,” writes Kingston Economic Development Corporation

  • Singha Beer
  • Thailand

Singha Beer

Praya Bhirom Bhakdi established a successful ferry business in 1910, carrying people across the Chao Praya River. In 1929, the government built Memorial Bridge, the first bridge connecting Bangkok and Thonburi, commemorating 150th anniversary of Bangkok and the Chakri Dynasty.

  • Sam Adams
  • Boston, MA

Sam Adams

Our passion for never settling, and brewing quality, flavorful beers started with our founder, Jim Koch. He brewed the first batch of Boston Lager in his kitchen – a recipe that belonged to his great great grandfather that he found in his father’s attic back in the early 1980’s.

  • Ridge Rock Brewing Co.
  • Carp, ON

Ridge Rock Brewing Co.

The story of Ridge Rock Brewing Company is four local kids who grew up and call the Carp area home. Jake Sinclair, Calvin de Haan, Jason Lalonde, and Ryan Grassie are all old enough to know better, but young enough to open a brewery/bar anyways. They’re three business owners and one NHL player, all looking for a place that they and other Carp residents can call their own.

  • Railway City
  • St. Thomas, ON

Railway City

Railway City Brewing creates a series of locally handcrafted beers in St. Thomas, ON.

No corn syrup here! We proudly feature malted barley (grain), hops, yeast and water as our primary ingredients. Each beer is locally brewed, all natural, and crafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients with no artificial adjuncts or preservatives.

  • Overflow Brewing
  • Ottawa, On.

Overflow Brewing

About the name, “Overflow”, founder Brad Fennell explains, “‘Flow’ is a state of true happiness in which people are so involved in performing an activity that nothing else seems to matter. The moment a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a conscience and voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult, different and worthwhile, Flow is achieved.”

  • Old Tomorrow
  • Toronto, ON

Old Tomorrow

The name OLD TOMORROW® is inspired by Canada’s founding father, Sir John A. Macdonald, who earned the name for his bold vision and tenacity in creating Canada despite long odds. It’s his silhouetted face that graces each one of our beers. 150 years later, his vision continues to dare all of us to seek our own greatness.

  • Nickel Brook
  • Burlington, ON

Nickel Brook

FROM U-BREW TO WORLD CLASS CRAFT BREWERY, Nickel Brook has been one of the leading players in the Ontario Craft Beer movement since our founding in 2005.  Taking the lead from our motto “Beer, Down to a Science” our brewers combine premium ingredients, DIY creativity and a depth of technical expertise to create world-class beers.  

  • Muskoka
  • Bracebridge, ON


Handcrafted and brewed in small batches. Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Muskoka Brewery handcrafts premium beers as unique and refreshing as the region they’re from.

  • Moosehead Brewery
  • Saint John, NB

Moosehead Brewery

CANADA’S OLDEST INDEPENDENT BREWERY, Moosehead has a long and storied history. Since 1867 we’ve survived two fires, expanded our line of beers and began distributing worldwide. But, believe it or not, we had very humble beginnings. MOOSEHEAD BREWERIES LIMITED IS THE LAST MAJOR BREWERY IN CANADA STILL OWNED BY CANADIANS. 

  • McAuslan Brewing
  • Montreal, QC

McAuslan Brewing

McAuslan Brewing began operations in January of 1989. Located at 4850 St-Ambroise Street in Montreal’s St-Henri district, it has established itself as Quebec’s foremost micro-brewery.

  • Landshark Lager
  • Kitchener, ON

Landshark Lager

Landshark Lager is a refreshing, island-style lager that's golden in colour and brewed with subtle hop notes and is amazingly refreshing! It's about good times, good friends, good food and a great beer. FINS UP!

  • Lake of Bays
  • Huntsville, ON

Lake of Bays

The extra-small batch brewing facility includes a full kitchen with a seated capacity of 100+ people. With street-facing windows that draw up to welcome in the fresh air, this is sure to be a new favourite in Huntsville's downtown core.

  • Hop City
  • Brampton, On.

Hop City

Welcome to Hop City! At Hop City, we create beer that inspires the curious, and fuels the restless. We embrace the journey as much as you do. We take risks, make wrong turns, and just go for it. For us, it’s about believing in curiosity. Because even though it may have killed the cat, before he died, that cat probably had a pretty good time.

  • Haliburton Highlands
  • Haliburton, ON

Haliburton Highlands

Haliburton Highlands Brewing is an award winning micro-brewery producing handcrafted, premium ales as fresh and natural as the Highlands that inspire them!  Incorporating local ingredients and operating with sustainable practices are at the heart of HHB.

  • Goose Island
  • Chicago, IL, USA

Goose Island

Our brewery was built in 1995 and has more than doubled in size since then. We bring you our tasty pints using 32 fermenters, over 15 different yeasts, state-of-the-art filters, centrifuges and a 50 barrel JV Northwest 5 vessel system that brews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It turns out that making awesome brews is quite the science. Luckily our brewery facilities have all the equipment necessary to deliver results.

  • Gainsbourg
  • Gatineau, QC


Gainsbourg is a bistro restaurant and microbrewery located at 9, rue Aubry, in the historic district of Old Hull, Gatineau, in the Outaouais region. Our place is all about the pleasures of good food and drink in a pub style establishment.

  • Driftwood Beers
  • Victoria, BC

Driftwood Beers

In a world filled with mass-produced stuff, being connected with the things we consume brings us joy.  Distinct and local, at Driftwood Brewery, we aspire to create a unique profile in every beer we make. From the moment we sold our first keg, we’ve upheld a commitment to never cut corners on quality, character or style.

  • Cowbell Brewing
  • Blyth, ON

Cowbell Brewing

CRAFT BEER THAT RINGS TRUE - Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co. is a unique Canadian destination craft brewery that features a state-of-the-art brewing facility, restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, retail store, and entertainment spaces. Cowbell's accessible, family friendly farm is located on 111-acres south of the historic village of Blyth, and we are committed to providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience, highlighted by delicious craft beer.

  • Bobcaygeon Brewing Company
  • Bobcaygeon, ON

Bobcaygeon Brewing Company

It was a hot summer day and we were kicking back on a dock near Bobcaygeon. We were deep in a craft beer discussion when it dawned on us – why not start our own brewery? Sure it would take a ton of a hard work with long hours, recipe creation, branding and financing, but it’s doable, right?

  • Beau's
  • Vankleek Hill, ON


Launched on July 1, 2006, and is known for its "regionally famous" Lug Tread lagered ale, as well as a number of seasonal beers. Beau's beers are available throughout Eastern Ontario on tap as well as at LCBO liquor stores.

  • Perth Brewery
  • Perth, ON

Perth Brewery

We are proudly dedicated to brewing fresh, all natural quality beer from locally sourced ingredients with a focus on approachable taste and drinkability. From thirst quenching lagers, pilsners & ambers to delicious IPAs, stouts and fun seasonals, you will find a beer for everyone.‚Äč

  • Ashton Brewing
  • Ashton, ON

Ashton Brewing

In the early 1970s, as an architect and beer enthusiast I built one of the Ottawa region’s first authentic Irish pubs, Patty’s. Joined over time by my three sons – MJ, Quinn, and Brendan – our entire Hodgins family has earned a reputation for our passion to serve great food and beverages in a pub style environment.

  • Trestle Brewing
  • Parry Sound, ON.

Trestle Brewing

We are a small independently owned craft brewery located in downtown Parry Sound on the waterfront where the Seguin river flows into the harbour with a spectacular view looking towards the iconic CPR Trestle bridge and Georgian Bay.

  • OverHop
  • Toronto, ON


We are OverHop: craft to the bone, crazy about hops in every way. We work hard to bring unique and well-balanced recipes to the craft beer scene. Our mission is to challenge you to try new and unforgettable tastes.

  • Brew Revolution
  • Stittsville, ON

Brew Revolution

NOW OPEN! A new craft brewpub experience in Stittsville, ON. 

  • Whiskeyjack Brewery
  • Temiskaming Shores, ON


Luc Johnson

Born and raised in a small town in Northern Ontario, Luc Johnson grew up in the great outdoors. His pursuits, some of which he still practises today, included: rock/ice climbing, mountain biking, sea kayaking, whitewater canoeing, winter camping, hunting and fishing, and anything else that would get him outside.

  • Ottawa Craft Beer Run
  • Ottawa Beer Fest

..Ottawa Craft Beer Run

The Ottawa Craft Beer Run includes a Friday and Saturday pass to the Ottawa Beer Fest! This is the only way to get a full weekend pass to the festival.

Your run ticket is your registration? Click here.

When and Where

Ottawa Beer Fest August 28th & 29th 2020, Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne
Craft Beer Run August 29th 2020, Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne

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