In life we find places where we can make a difference. Throughout the development and delivery of the Ottawa Beer Fest, I have been fortunate to be in a position to, look at and help with, community needs. Previously, I have assisted areas of our community with, mobility challenges and now our team and I are proud to partner with CHEO, and Help Kids be Kids! 
It’s important to find strength in our communities and work to grow that strength and that makes us all stronger. Keeping that in mind, we chose to focus our energy in partnering with CHEO and make that a beneficiary of our effortsWorking with CHEO, also, gives us the pleasure of extending our community, as CHEO is a place kids and their families come to from near and far.
Our support will be generated through both the Ottawa Craft Beer Run & The Ottawa Beer Fest. How that works is a part of the proceeds of these two programs will be donated, and Help Kids be Kids. We will also be reaching out at the Run and Festival with traditional and innovative ways to create an even stronger support for the CHEO and the kids in our communities. 

Join us in supporting CHEO and helping Kids be Kids!


When and Where

Ottawa Beer Fest August 28th & 29th 2020, Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne
Craft Beer Run August 29th 2020, Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne

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