OBF Beer U with Certified Prud'homme Beer Sommelier

Join Jeff O'Reilly, Certified Prud'homme Beer Sommelier and Instructor, Publican and Writer as he takes a light hearted look at what's going on inside your pint glass. Improve your beer IQ and learn something new about beer traditions, history, ingredients and styles while exploring the science of great food and beer pairings and see why beer belongs on your table at dinner ... and maybe open your mind to why beer and cheese > wine and cheese! Beer is meant to be fun, and Jeff makes sure that beer education is too. 

Beer U will have a posted cost, an average of two beer tickets per class,  beer tickets are required for all beer samples

Friday - PM

5:00 An Introduction To Beer Appreciation - Presented by Ottawa's Own Jeff O'Reilly

7:00. Beer And Cheese Pairing - Presented by Ottawa's Own Jeff O'Reilly

Saturday -  PM

2:00 Beer And Cheese Pairing  - Presented by Ottawa's Own Jeff O'Reilly

3:15 Brewing Biography  - Presented by David Brophy, Head Brewer at McAuslan

4:30 Beer And Dessert Pairing - Presented by Ottawa's Own Jeff O'Reilly

Special Guest David Brophy, Head Brewer at McAuslan

David is an awesome guy; if you're wanting to get an inside understanding of the brewing process, David will introduce you to a couple amazing beers and share with you the process that he went through to develop these amazing beers.

Ottawa's Own Jeff O'Reilly

Freelance Beer Columnist, One of Ottawa’s Cretified Purd’hommw Beer Sommelier

Most days you can find Jeff managing Ottawa best Irish Pubs, including D’Arcy McGee’s on Sparks St, or he could be working hard as the Chair/Committee Member at RINGSIDE FOR YOUTH


David Brophy –Brewing Biography

Began professional Brewing career in 1989 with McAuslan Brewing (Original employee) as a brewer.

During the first 10 years worked directly under Brew master Ellen Bounsall and learned the art of Brewing high quality Beer.  Involved in all aspects of production from Brewing to Filtration to delivering the beer when needed.  Attended many different brewing courses locally as well as university chemistry and computer courses.

In 1999 promoted to Head Brewer at McAuslan. Over the next 10 years time became more involved in recipe development.  Attended in 1999 the MBAA Brewing and Malting Science and Technology course in Madison Wisconsin.  In 2001 involved directly in setting up of new Brewhouse.  Responsible for bringing all recipes on line at the new plant.  Began brewing of Lager beers with Moosehead in 2002.  In 2006 McAuslan began brewing Carlsberg beer for the Quebec market.  In that year went to Copenhagen and attended Carlsberg’s Brewing School.  Also attended Malting courses at university of North Dakota 2006 and with Canada Malting in 2008.  In 2009 was promoted to the Brew master position.  Since this time have developed many new recipes both for the commercial brewery and the McAuslan pub as well.

In 2015 began studying the art of cider making.  In 2017 began producing a new apple cider for the Quebec market – McAdam.

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