Beer School


Get the inside story about craft beer straight from local, national and international sources while sampling some of the beer they brought just for you to try!

Back again this year to the festival is our Beer School. Everyone can take part in all of these educational experiences. 


Seminar Schedule

Sat. 27 13:30   Jay Kiloran        BEER 101

Sat. 27 14:30   Philip Whelan    BECOME A BEER JUDGE

Sat. 27 15:30   Jay Kiloran        CLASSIC BEER STYLES


Sun. 28 13:30 Jay Kiloran        THE EVOLUTION OF THE IPA

Sun. 28 14:30 Philip Whelan    BECOME A BEER JUDGE     

Sun. 18 15:30  Jay Kiloran       EMERGING BEER STYLES


BEER 101

Beer 101 will teach the casual craft beer drinker about the complexities of beer, and most importantly, enhance their overall tasting experience.  This class will cover the ingredients in beer, the brewing process, and will guide students through a proper tasting of three beers, allowing them to experience beer with a new and different level of enjoyment. 



Beer styles are constantly evolving as new hybrids are being born every day.  In order to truly enjoy all of these new styles, beer drinkers need to understand some very basic and important beer styles.  This class will take a deeper dive into the history of three classic beer styles, why these styles were created and their importance in the current brewing industry, all while improving your ability to describe the tastes, textures and aromas of beer.



India Pale Ales have captured the hearts and taste buds of beer lovers, making it the top-selling craft beer style.   Have you ever wondered where this style originated from?  This session will take you on a journey through the history of the IPA with stops to sample a traditional English IPA, a 90’s style West Coast IPA and the new Vermont style IPA. 



Brewers are like “Mad Scientists” always looking to create beers based on rare or experimental recipes, hoping to kick off a widespread fade. So, what are the emerging beer styles worth your attention right now?  This session will introduce you to three beers that are considered hybrid styles, that don’t necessarily fall neatly into any one category.  


Please note there is no cost for the Beer School,  beer tickets are required for all beer samples.

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